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Atlanta Singles Dating Trap #1 – The Scarcity Trap

Many times we fall into the trap of believing there are only a very limited

supply of possible partners. Then when you do the math on this, the natural

conclusion is that you had better take what you can get.

Taking what you can get can get you into lots of trouble. One of the results

of taking what you can get is relationship failure because the two of you were

not compatible to begin with, knew it, and got together anyway, hoping things

would get better.

This is a compromise for the worst. It is also a self-fulfilling prophecy because

you get less because you expect less.

1. Committing to the first person that shows you any attention.

2. Knowing something is wrong but doing all you can to deny it

to yourself.

3. Ignoring friends who care about you that ask you “what the heck

are you doing?”

4. Believe bot time and material are running out.

Define and be clear on your first choice of what you really want and persevere. Believe that you get to be the chooser. Trust that if you apply yourself you can get what you really want in your life. You must be able to say “No” to what you DON’T want, to be available to say “Yes” to what you DO want.

If you cannot say no, then your yes has no meaning. You have the power to choose who, what , where, when, and how, and can get what you really want if you make effective choices aligned with your needs and requirements in a relationship.