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Killer Opening Lines For Dating Conversations – Achieve Mind Blowing Results

We often find ourselves blank when it comes to dating and conversations. You might preplan hundreds of things you would talk about before the date but sometimes you simply go blank as the situation is different or you simply can’t think about much. Especially when it comes to opening conversations and breaking the ice. Read on to discover some of the best opening lines in order to achieve the maximum results.

People normally tend to start a conversation with the normal hi and hello which does not get you the desired results only due to the fact that people have heard it a million times and everyone uses almost identical lines to open conversations. There what you need to do is to use lines which generate instant attention and you get the other person interested in what you have to say.

I am curious to know- This is one of the best conversation openers in order to open almost any conversation and break the ice. Once you start any conversation with a question you are most likely to get the other person interested.

Can I ask you- This is another great opener for breaking the ice and striking a conversation under any situation. Once you question the other person you automatically get them to question you back and this is where the flow of conversation picks up momentum.

What would happen if? – Make assumptions and presumptions as what would happen if such and such was to happen. This normally means you are asking the other person for his or her opinions which would instantly get them involved with you.