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How to Create Online Dating User Names And Get Results!

I create and operate dating sites. On opening my first, already some 10 years ago, I was struck by the choice of user names by my steady flow of new members. They would choose names like anne8937812 and jack8937841. I understood why – they thought all the good names had been taken. What I couldn’t understand was why they chose not to persevere and come up with effective names.

My conclusion was they had no idea about the importance of a good dating user name. Let me ask you this: Given a choice between chatting to jack8937841 and romanticNYCjack, who would you choose? Take it from me, a good dating user name will make you more visible on dating sites than at least 90% of the other members. So if you want to have more success at online dating and learn how to create online dating user names, please read the simple steps that follow.

A good dating user name will be short, easy to spell and remember, gender-descriptive, positive, and say something about you worth promoting. The very best such names manage to do all that and also appear quirky or unusual enough to be eye-catching and provoke interest; these others are one in a million names though. The user name romanticNYCjack is an example of a good user name and would put you ahead of nearly everyone on the dating site.

When choosing your own name, think first about one thing you would like to “get out there” that makes you a good catch. Do you want to tell people that you’re a great cook? A romantic guy? Funny? Caring? Loving? Choose the “one thing” and decide on “one word” that says it. Jack, from New York City, chose to promote his “romantic” side. He could have chosen “funny”, “adventurous”, “writer”, “filmmaker”. I’m going to choose another user name and select “writer” as the aspect about myself that I want to promote.

A gender-descriptive name, necessary in chat rooms and forums where we may not have a photo, are easiest to create if we choose a name. I’m going to use my middle name which is “Jane” simply because Angelina is a little long.

So, just to reiterate, the facets of a GOOD dating user name : short, easy to spell and remember, gender-descriptive, positive, and say something about you worth promoting.

I’m about done choosing my name. I could leave it as “WriterJane” but I’m going to add my location because I like to use dating chat rooms and I’m hoping to be approached by local guys. “WriterJaneSF” is my chosen user name. I like it. It satisfies the criteria for a good dating name and looks pretty attractive on the page.

The next time you ask yourself how to create online dating user names just remember the simple system:

1. Make your name short, and easy to spell and remember.

2. Choose a name, like Jane or Jack, that describes your gender.

3. Lastly, think of something positive about yourself to tell everyone that you’re a “good catch” and select one word that encapsulates it.