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Online Dating – The ‘Don’t Bother’ Factor

The title of this post references the sick joke women in particular play on themselves in more online dating profiles than I care to count.

An example of such a gem would be:

“If you don’t recognize which movie [some obscure line] is from, don’t bother.”

Seriously…who mortgages her entire future happiness with a guy on familiarity with some quote from a movie which nobody saw other than her?

I have not the words.

But never mind that. This is about something completely different but mildly reminiscent.

Tonight I was working on outgoing first e-mails to women with a guy who put me to work for him on an Online Dating Success Package. Every once in a while during the course of such a session a profile surfaces that almost makes me desirous of “coming out of retirement” just to send this ONE e-mail. JUST THIS ONCE.

And earlier this evening, just such a moment occurred.

The closing statement of a certain woman’s profile read as follows:

“My philosophy on life can be summarized quite succinctly … I think Churchill said it best … major brownie points to be given for anyone that is familiar with this quote.”

…And of course, she leaves us to ponder the question.

My answer to this woman would have been to me an obvious one.

[Subject: Re: Winston Churchill, Brownies, Etc.]

Woman: “Mr. Churchill, were you my husband I’d poison your tea.”

Churchill: “Madame, were I your husband I’d gladly drink it.”

So tell me, I hit the nail on the head there…didn’t I? LOL!

Be Good,


Emily agreed that e-mail would be irresistible. It demands a response from anyone with a sense of humor. Let’s face it, I can hardly resist sending it!

Be brave guys…everyone else is pouring the “nice guy” e-mails into her inbox.