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Online Dating – Profile Picture Blunders

In a perfect world there would be no shallow people. Everyone would gauge his or her romantic interests based solely on personality. However, that just isn’t the case – not for you, not for me and not for anyone else, especially when it comes to the world of online dating.

Your dating profile picture is the first thing people see, based upon how appealing that profile picture is, they’ll decide whether or not to investigate your online dating profile further by reading about your likes, dislikes, wants and desires. If you’re thinking that this is shallow, you may want to look at your own online dating habits. Don’t YOU usually do the same thing? Sure you do.

Due to this simple fact, online dating profile pictures are incredibly important, if not completely vital to your success in the world of online dating. So, if you’re not getting enough dates through your online dating service, consider some of the following profile picture blunders:

1. Too Pixilated

When you have a profile picture that is blurry and pixilated, then it’s incredibly difficult to tell how you really look. People will most likely pass by a pixilated photo and never know who you really are. Make sure your profile photo is clear and easy to see.

2. Distorted

No matter what online dating service you’re using, each one will have a limit on the profile picture dimensions. They will request a particular file size, pixel width and pixel height. Even if your picture isn’t pixilated, it could be distorted if you don’t pay attention to these dimensions and adhere to them. If your dating profile picture is distorted it could make you look fat even if you’re not, it could make your face look longer than it actually is and it will ultimately end up making you look unappealing. Always read the dimension guidelines before uploading your headshot, that way you won’t be stuck wondering why no one is messaging you.

3. Bad Lighting

If your online dating profile picture is too dark, too light or oddly shadowed, then you’re going to look unappealing. Even taking a picture of yourself in the daylight can cast unwanted shadows over your face because of your nose, ears, cheeks, chin, bottom lips and so on. The best way to solve this problem is to have your headshot taken in soft lighting that isn’t too dark and not too light. If you want to take your photograph outside, make sure to do so when there is an overcast sky so that the sunlight isn’t too harsh.

4. Over Done

No one thinks a profile picture of a guy with his shirt off flexing for the camera or a girl trying to look overly sexy for her profile picture is actually appealing. Not only is that going to attract the wrong kind of people, it’s going to make you look cheap. You need to have dating headshots that show your true personality and that will attract the kind of person you’re looking for. So, cover up, stop puckering up and just be yourself so you don’t over do it.