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True Online Personals

It’s time to review True. True came on to the online dating scene a few years ago. You used to see a lot of advertisements for their site on places like Myspace, but they have slowed down with their banners it seems. Now they rank very high on Google for “online dating” and pay to be a featured search result most times. Lets take a closer look at the site, and what they have to offer their members or surfers who are considering making a dating profile.

As usual, when checking out a dating site I like to go through the process of creating a free profile. If you are more interested in seeing what features are offered and traffic rankings, jump down a few paragraphs. When you click “Join Now” they want you to search first, and see all the results that come up for your specific location. Once you get the results page, a pop-up will ask you to create your profile. The first page is not bad at all. Very standard fields to fill out. To keep you motivated to fill out all 5 pages, in the top right corner, they’ll tell you how many matches they have found so far based on your profile. Mine said they found over 30,000 so far. Must be a large site.

By the second page, I had lost 4,000 matches. The next page goes over your physical appearance and what your ideal matches physical appearance. Again, pretty basic questions that you would expect to answer on every dating site you encounter. After filling out the second page, I had lost 6,000 more matches and I wasn’t being too particular. The next page goes into your nationality and religion and what your matches should be. Again, I wasn’t too particular, but did somehow lose 16,000 matches which brings me down to 4,000. Some people must be pretty particular about nationality and religion.

The next page is about your education, career, income, and social habits. At first, 5 pages for an online dating ad seemed to be on the high side, but each page pretty much only has 2 questions on it about you and then corresponding questions for the person you are looking for. After that last page, I was down to 865 matches. Now we are to the last of the 5 pages. The only questions on this page are if you have ever been married, do you have kids, and do you want kids.

Now the profile we just setup is free. After creating it, you are prompted to enter your credit card information to be able to start your full free 7 day trial. This means that without entering your credit care, you are unable to email and chat with other members. You can still read mail that you may get, but you cannot reply. The only things you can do without entering your credit card are view other profiles, and send winks. Now since the first 7 days are free, you really don’t have anything to lose if you do try it out. But you have to remember to cancel if you are unsatisfied and do not want to be charged monthly for using

If you have decided to take them up on their free 7 day trial, you should complete the other part of your profile. This includes about 7 more parts.

1. Add a photo

2. My description

3. My personality

4. My communication style

5. My sexual side

6. My romantic side

7. Am I able to commit?

I do not think you should fill all of those pages out if you are not planning on singing up simply because it will take you a decent amount of time to fill out all of those pages about yourself.

Now for those of you who filled everything out, no need to stop there. True has several compatibility tests that can be very helpful for finding someone that will fit your needs. These are very in-depth so be prepared to spend a little time on them because if you are going to do it you should spend enough time to answer truthfully. Here are some of the compatibility tests.

* Compatibility Test

* Sexploration Test

* Personality Test

* Romance Test does offer your standard chatting options along with video chat. Video chat is becoming very popular and almost all sites are offering this service now.

Lets take a look at how True stacks up on Alexa. Just to refresh your memory, Alexa ranks sites based on how many people visit each website. So the lower the number, the better. Here are the Alexa results for True.

* Global Ranking: 3,255

* US Ranking: 392

* Canada Ranking: 1,845

In the US it looks like True is a pretty popular site. Along with Canada. Based on what I’ve seen so far, seems to be a major player in the online dating world. So if you are looking for a new online dating site, check it out and see what you think. It wouldn’t be this popular if it wasn’t any good.